Wednesday, July 27, 2011

change the character, everything changes

There's a folksong that starts, "A young man goes to Paris, as every young man should.  There's something in the Paris air that does a young man good."

Paints a picture, doesn't it?  Youth and strength, brisk walks along the wintery Seine; smokey cafes and experienced women; late night philosopy over cheap wine.

Change the character.

"A woman goes to Paris, as every woman should.  There's something in the Paris air that does a woman good."

What picture does that paint for you?  And why?


  1. What an intriguing thought. I get an image of Elizabeth Taylor in the movie, "The Last Time I Saw Paris" but something of that ambiance lingers.
    A swirl of mist, the lights of the Eifel Tower twinkling in early evening, music from a small cafe, the throaty French sound of people conversing...and oh, surely a handsome Frenchman ready to assure you that...

  2. Since I'm not a woman and I've never been to Paris this is a stretch, but I immediately started thinking of Leslie Caron in An American In Paris. I don't remember if she is Parisian in the film, but that's my first reaction.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Heh...I see whar' ya' meant this to go. one is a comin' of age (young man) t'other mayhap is comin' to wisdom ( note that the woman ain't "young" necessarily) or, mayhap, she is finally learnin' to shop wif' elan!

  4. It's butter. And heavy cream. Does the skin good...