Saturday, February 15, 2014

The February tea

 Usually the tea party happens here on the second Saturday, but there was too much snow, so we re-scheduled.  There was sherry pound cake, little cheesecakes, grapes,
Cinnamon and chocolate rum balls, green tea cookies(in honor of Chinese new year), almond cookies,
And mini quiches.  (I bought the grapes and the quiches, but I made all the rest.)

I love the music of my friends voices as they talk and share and enjoy one another.

And speaking of music,one thing we do is sing happy birthday to one another to the old hymn tune of "Hyferdol."  And doggone it, we have some gifted singers!  Multiple part harmony makes those birthday wishes extra special.  We celebrated two birthdays today.

One of my friends (Barb) was saying that she feels the need to Bring Something when she comes, and other people have expressed the same so if you feel that way, let me suggest some things.  I can always use candles, napkin rings, napkins, aprons, and dessert plates. Or a box of tea.  I collect second-hand teacups, so if you run across an old china cup and saucer at a garage sale, I would be thrilled. Oh, or little vases.  Three inches tall or so.  For little flowers like violas or nasturtiums.  Flowers are always welcome.  Always!! And really, a single napkin ring, a wild and colorful napkin, or a neat spoon would be great.  The un-matched is my metier.

In fact, it was napkins that inspired the setting today.  I succumbed to a bunch of fat quarters at a fabric store -Asian prints on a black background.  I cherish them and was sad to think that someday I would make them into a quilt and never see them again.  Then I realized I could just hem them and use them as napkins over and over.  Woo hoo!

Aren't they striking?  (As you can see, none of the china matches.  It's such fun!) (Yes, I know these pictures are upside down.  I've had too much caffeine and can't seem to get them fixed right now.)

And for an extra treat, the snowdrops made it through our "snow event."  Yay!

Night blessings

Most nights, about ten minutes after we have turned out the lights and settled down to sleep, Pepper stalks through the house, meowing loudly for a few minutes.  I have finally figured out that, as alpha cat and head of our house, she is pronouncing the night blessing.

"Oh great Alpha cat and Mother of us all,
Be kind to your kittens this night.
Keep the rats of famine from our door
that we may never see the bottom of our bowls.
Shelter us with your thick fur in warmth and safety.
Bestow on us the comfort of your purring.
Chase the squirrels of evil off our roof
that we might sleep in safety and peace.
Have mercy on our thick-skulled servants
And grant them laps of warmth and stillness.
All praise to you, great Alpha Cat,
mother of us all."