Monday, April 2, 2012

April already?

 We have survived the  wettest March on record.  April shows signs of being equally damp, but there is a break in the deluge and I have run out with my latest knitting and the cell phone.  Photo Op!  Still using up the odds and ends of the bulky yarn.  This hat is child sized.

This hood used up the very last bits.  Random stripes in garter stitch incorporating short rows.  

This cowl was cast on to provide knitting for movies. The 2/2 rib was knitted on size 5s.  The seed stitch was knitted on size 10s.  This means the neck is snug, and the skirt of the cowl spreads and drapes loosely and gracefully.
And finally, white worsted weight yarn, with a thread of Dave Daniels' handspun, hand-dyed yarn to add interest.  This is another hat started from the top and knitted down so I could use every teensy bit of the yarn.

Lately, DH and I have been having back troubles.  I suggested that we swap sides of the couch, because my side certainly had a list to it, and I figured that his side was similarly broken down.  We've had this sofa for ten years, and I figured it should be good for another 30 or so.  Ha, ha! He sat down on my side of the sofa, stood up and said, "We're going shopping.  I'm getting a quarterly bonus check and WE are getting a new couch.  How could you sit on this?"

So we spent most of Saturday putting our butt prints on various styles and brands of furniture and eventually decided to get two Lazy Boy recliners.  It will be ten weeks before we get them, so in the meantime, we spent Sunday re-arranging our living room furniture.  DH is really good at this.  We now have a cozy tv nook separated from a social seating area, and we no longer sit on the broken down sofa.

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