Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go fishin'

Troll your cursor across the fishpond and watch them follow you.  Then click to feed them.  Thank you, Muse Susan for helping me improve the blog!

Susan also taught me how to twitter.  This rather boggles my mind.  Will there really be  people out there who will want to know what I think in 140 characters?  Do any of you twitter?  What's this all about, anyhow?  I am a loud introvert trying to make my way in social networking.  Any hints, suggestions, recommendations or requests would be most welcome!!


  1. I sort of see Twitter as a necessary evil. It could be fun, but so many people post stuff that's totally boring. Dude, I don't know you and I don't care what you ate for breakfast. Either give me some important news, make me laugh, or keep it to yourself.

  2. And don't try to sell me your novel by spamming me about it ten times in two minutes. Once or twice a day, MAX. More than that and I unfollow and make a solemn vow to never look your way again.