Friday, July 12, 2013

our new author, Randi Wilde

Would you believe it?  I've gotten together with three other women and we are writing a sweet bit of fluff about finding your way home.  I've really had to tone down my personal style though.  Some of these girls (naming no names of course) wouldn't say prick if they had a mouthful.  On the other hand, Poots doesn't call a spade a spade, she calls it a fuckin' shovel.

We spent a Wildely productive weekend up in the woods, hammering out the characters and basic plot lines, drinking wine, eating fabulous butter-laden omelets cooked to order, and (heh heh) sharing histories and fantasies.  We are all of the peace and love generation, with a wide and varied umber of experiences, (on an air mattress floating down the Clackamas river? )  and I got some great ideas for new novels.

In the meantime, I'm looking into getting my spicy western into print.  Micah and the Married Woman  should do quite well as an e-book, don't you think?

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  1. Not naming names, eh? But you've let slip a hint--is one of the other authors Poots McCoy?! I'm a longtime fan of you both, but I cannot imagine you two combining forces!! (And with 2 other authors in the mix as well?)

    Randi, as always, you are such a tease!