Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for

Inspiration, Initiative, Integrity, Intrepidity!  Today, I am going to learn how to make links so people who want to read my book can go straight to Amazon and buy it.  And, when I review other books, people who read my reviews can find the books right away.  Today I am going to send my inner Barbie out for a manicure, channel my inner Xena, and face the unknown with fortitude.  I will wrestle with those demons of self-doubt and conquer them. ("But learning new things is hard." says Barbie.  "I can do hard things!" says Xena.  "Go decide which color polish you want.")  Saint Lisa will guide me (Thank you Mrs. Nowak) and Susan the Muse will smile on me when I am done.  I can do hard things!  Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi!


  1. Hurrah! Your wonderful Sanna books should be made available to the greater public! I may even try to imitate you. (There's another "I" word!)Now where do you go for that manicure? Alice

  2. I can, indeed, help you with links. One of these days we should get together for a tutoring session. Start making a list of the things you want help with. I can't be trusted to remember. :)