Friday, April 29, 2011

Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice

Multnomah Learning Center in Portland Ore, is using Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice as a read-aloud book to accompany their special project about sheep, wool, and the construction of fabric. They are going to ask me to come speak to the kiddos soon. How do I make e-books available and how can I autograph copies?


  1. I don't know about making copies available, other than providing them with a link for ordering. Maybe you can get Puddletown to make some CDs just for this special purpose? As for autographing, why not either autograph CDs or have some bookmarks printed up and autograph those?

  2. This is so cool--did you land this, or did they approach you?

  3. How fun! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you to share your expertise.