Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for

Qiviut:  A musk ox that produces the lightest, warmest fiber commercially available.  You don't shear a musk ox.  You wait until spring when they start to shed, then follow them around the pasture, picking up the wads of wool as they come loose.  Due to the difficulty of accumulating and processing qiviut, it is one of the most expensive fibers available  It comes in very few shades.  Musk ox brown, musk ox gray and musk ox tan.  Some folks adore quiviut but it just doesn;t ring my chimes.  It's a wonderful fiber for lace, and I'm just not a lace-knitting woman.

But, if you play Scrabble, qiviut is a word you need to know!  So is qoph, and qoran.


  1. As a knitter it was interesting reading about the Musk ox. But more interesting was the three Q words for Scrabble. Maybe I can win more and not be on the loser end.

  2. Hadn't ever heard this one. Now I wish I had someone to play Scrabble with. I'll be happy to get the 'Q'.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Now I have a word! Qiviut and I'll have to go to Vermont to use it. No Scrabble players at my house. Alice

  4. Didn't anyone ever think of brushing them? Or would that result in serious injury?